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Keith's Kettle Corn

Windy City Mix

Windy City Mix

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Our Windy City Mix is a symphony of sweet and savory, a gourmet tango for your taste buds.

As you bite into a piece, the initial burst of sweetness is like sunshine on your tongue, the caramel clinging in a silky embrace. But then, a twist! A whisper of sharp cheddar dances in, its tangy bite a delightful counterpoint to the sugary symphony. It's a playful push and pull, a sweet-salty seesaw that keeps you reaching for more.

But wait, there's more! Each kernel isn't just coated in caramel; it's also dusted with a veil of finely grated aged cheddar. This isn't your run-of-the-mill cheese powder, mind you. This is a mature, complex cheddar, with hints of earthiness and a touch of nuttiness. It adds a depth of flavor that would make any connoisseur swoon.

With each handful, the textures are as captivating as the tastes. The fluffy popcorn melts on your tongue, while the crunchy cheese crystals add a satisfying pop. It's a textural wonderland, a party in your mouth that keeps you coming back for just one more bite (and then another, and another...).

So ditch the boring snacks and elevate your next movie night or afternoon pick-me-up with this gourmet treat. Carmel cheddar popcorn is more than just a snack; it's an experience. It's a journey for your taste buds, a delightful dance of sweet and savory that will leave you wanting more. Trust me, your inner gourmand will thank you.

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